This process is spcial for those who buy light box from us at the first time:

  • Inquiry: Please tell us  :
    1) Indoor or outdoor use ?
    2) single or double sides  ?
    3)  Aluminum or crystal or magic mirror light box
    4) The size you want , also spcify is poster size or frame size
    5) Possible quantity
    6) If possible, tell us you prefer best quality or cheaper cost


  • After we get those information, we will tell you the price.


  • Sample: if you want sample, please tell us. And we will make a proforma invoice for you to pay.


  • Delivery :  Usually, delivery sample is by courier. So delivery fee sometimes exceeds the goods value itself because light box is big.  For courier, EMS is the last option for us because it is slow and hard to track. we prefer UPS,DHL,FEDEX. Certainly, we will offer cheapest delivery service we can.  If not , we will change to other options such as air shipment or sea shipment.


  • Air/ sea shipment : For one sample, the cost of  shipment by sea or air might not be lower  than courier because it is with extra cost. Also our quotation is only the fee to port, excluding other charges after getting to the port. Clients should be aware of that.  For large size sample or more than 2 light boxes, the cost is possible cheaper than that of courier, but it takes more time.


  • Lead time: ususally, sample takes 5~7 days to finish. And we will inform you tracking no. after delivery.


  • Payment:  small amount or sample by courier, please pay through western union.  Or pay to our bank account though bank.
  • Paypal is available.