S2 Light Sheet / Lighting Pad / Lighting Shelf


Innovative Lighting Products






Available in 6mm and 8mm
Long Lifetime: Over 50,000 hrs/11 years @ 12 hours a day
12 volt system uses 70% less power than T5 fluorescents
Eco-Friendly: Contains no mercury or other heavy metals
Custom Sizes up to 4’x8′ with Quick Delivery Times
Licensed LED’s, Crystal Acrylic, UL, CE approved
trade show and exhibition design
sports and entertainment
architecture and enviromental design

  • Best acrylics materials imported from England
  • Special made by our patented technology and perfect lighting effects
  • Easy to cut and install
  • S2= simple + saving

(LP: light panel i.e light guide panel)

S2 is an innovative ultra slim light panel. It is a LCD backlight panel using the latest technology of dot matrix optical design (CCFL), originated from Japanese LCD Technology.This technology is widely used in flat screen TV, handphone screen, flat monitor PC and notebook. The uniqueness of its features: low power generation, long lamp life span, low power consumption and even illumination. This new invention produces stylish, sleek and sophisticated light panel which ensures images of stunning clarity.


With sever years’ experiences in manufacturing ultra slim light box, we have developed our core technology– light panel well and made it patented. S2™ light panel brings very good vision effects in reality.

The Criterion of the luminosity and evenness 
Comply with the criterion of brightness and evenness of the advertisement light box totally. The brightness and evenness of each dimension of the S2™ light panel is ensured, even the evenness of the panel width of 1.2 meter is not lower than 70%. And the average luminosity of 35 watt T4 strip lamp will reach minimum 1200LUX.
Dimension of the Light panel
100% of panels of different thickness should be made-to–order. Based on our patented manufacture ability, our light boards could meet the customers’ requirement of the time of the delivery.
Backing of Acryl Glass
Because the technical performance of the panel depends on the backing nature of light panel such as luminousness, heat-resistant and resistance to chemical deterioration. We are very strict with the selection of backing. S2™ light board is totally made of best acryl glass materials. The luminousness of the product reaches 93% and it will not be lower than 85% after 5 years isolation outside.

Comparison of LGP Technology
Reflection material
The ability of anti- UV
Quality Warranty
Outdoor & Indoor
laser method LGP
different volume pits
Vaporized pits on PMMA by the energy of laser
Can protect against UV
30%brighter  than printed LGP
6 years
Outdoor & Indoor
V-cutting LGP V-grooves
Lines cut by diamond
Can protect against UV
25%brighter  than printed LGP
0.1mm 6 years Outdoor & Indoor
Printed method LGP
different area dots
Chemical reflection material printed on PMMA
Can’t protect against UV
3 years

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