Name : P-LGP, the affordable light guide panel !

Whole panel wholesale


General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS),

GPPS is a clear polymer that exhibits high stiffness, good  dimensional stability, low specific gravity and excellent electrical
properties. It offers several advantages over other polymers because of its clarity and ease of processing, both of which are due
to its amorphous nature.
Application: GPPS has a relatively low cost and is forgiving when  processed at high production rates. Extrusion and injection
molding continue to be the predominant processing technologies for PS. Key end use markets for PS include food packaging,
refrigeration, audio/video, consumer electronics and office equipment, medical devices, and toys.



  •  Without  Led
  •   Standard panel size is 1220*2440* 4 mm,  12kg
  • (Thickness option:  2/3/4/5mm/ 6mm)  
  •   The more thicker the panel is, the better of transmission of light and uniformity.


Usage:      This panel can be free cut as wish. Then add the lighting source on its sides (Usually 2 or 4 sides).

                         The whole panel can be even illuminated.

Suitable for:  require common homogeneity projects.  Manufacturers of advertising, display ,light boxes and

distributors in construction, decoration, display, light box, sign etc.



  1.   Lowest cost : half cost of PMMA
  2.   Easy and convenient, free cut as wish
  3.   Good effects for many fields in decoration, display, sign etc
  4.   Free maintains




  1. MOQ: 200pcs
  2. Lead time: 5~7 days after payment
  3. General /sole distributors of each country are available.
  4. Feel free to inquiry or ask for sample. Sample fee and DHL courier fee are required.  Let us know the size and your address, telephone for delivery. 
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