Material Name :    Light guide panel


More and more buyers hope to decrease their cost and manufacture their own products.

They are more interested in our wholesale whole panels.   They can use their own aluminum profile,  own l.e.d strips and create  lighting systems.


Currently  we have 3 kinds of  LGP  for different users: 

1)  Best seller :    P- LGP, the material is GPPS.

It can be used to make slim light boxes,  to back lighting the projects not require brightest area.   This is your best choices for light boxes manufacturer, advertising company,

construction company etc.

It is the substitute of the acrylic material, cheaper than acrylic, but feature is similar to acrylic.

Thickness is 3mm~6mm.

Grid mode, you can get whole panel (1220*2440mm) and  cut them to make lighting units as you wish.

We are looking for  distributor and wholesale.  MOQ 50pcs is a must.  (For 6mm thickness, only cost $70/per)

The product made of this LGP is here

You may buy PS LGP and free cut as you wish.  Request information to



2)  Tradditonal  market :     acrylic  Lgp,   the material is acrylic.   1200*2400mm whole panel.

It is widely used in adversting industry.   Thickness  from  4mm~12mm or thicker

Could be grid type or dotted type.    It was very popular in Canada called  Lumisheet.

This request you tell us the size and quantity throught email.

Same as p-lgp,  this is  50pcs  MOQ  you can free cut and creat back lighting system.



3 )   Tiny dots  LGP:    this is new LGP since 2012.   Still made by acrylic.

But produced by  advanced machine.  This kind of panel is usually for high brightness request such as lights.

The panel is mostly to be a lighing source  such as  celling lights, or wall lights.

This kind of LGP is for those lights company needs.

We  can produce 3 kinds of LGP for the manufacturers in the world.  If you are interested in them, please make inquiry      and  tell us what you want .