Standard size led light box

Model: Hilite Serial

Thickness:  22mm

  • Single side
  • Indoor
  • Top grade
  • Selected  aluminum frame 22mmthickness

The size can be customised, please make free inquiry.  This serial is the best sell for indoor light boxes. 

Type Frame size (mm) Poster size (mm) Visual size (mm) LED
Snap frame A0 1231*883*22 1189*841 1179*831 LED
A1 883*636*22 841*594 831*584 LED
A2 636*462*22 594*420 584*410 LED
A3 462*339*22 420*297 410*287 LED


  1. The width of the LED profile is 26mm and the box is 22mm thickness.
  2. Advanced Led (double chips), 50,000 hours life span. 1 year warranty.
Type A0 A1 A2 A3
Gross Weight 18kg 13kg 7.5kg 5 kg
Brightness (LUX) 2000LUX 2800LUX 3000LUX 3000-3500LUX
Consumption 32w 22w 15w 11w


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