Grandwin lightboxes international trade whole process


  • One of clients  ordered  outdoor light boxes from us after we quoted the price, freight. 
  • We sent him proforma invoice, and waiting for the prepayment 50%. 
  • After we get payment, we start to order raw materials.  This takes 15~20 days.
  • After all materials complete, we start to production.
  • 13ledlightbox-container
  • After 30 days of payment,  we tell clients how many we have finished, and how long will take to finish the rest.

10ledlightbox-container 6roundcornerlightbox

  • Almost finished, we tell client to pay the rest.  While we are packing.



  • After get full payment, we arrange shipping. It takes 3~5 days depends on the port and custom. 
  • But the preparation of this work shall be made 10 days in advanced. And booking the ship also needs to be in advanced.

Goods are on the container:


  • After container left,  we prepare documents and delivery to client.  Jobs done.