Established in 2003, We are a professional company specialize in design ,manufacture ,sales and marketing of S2™(brand) Ultra Slim Light Box , custom signs,stainless steel sign letters, acrylic display  etc. We devleoped  our own photoelectricity technology and keep improvement in  products to the market. We ensure that our customers are always offered the highest quality products by implementing strict quality control and safety measures. Our object is to become the leading provider of best products and quality service in China. Our goal is let the clients believe they are right to deal with us. S2™ ultra slim light box is as thin as an illuminated poster frame. S2™means simple and saving. With even light distribution this new and innovative illuminated display unit has a multitude of applications. These ultra slim light boxes are perfect for retail displays, exhibitions, restaurants, cosmetic displays, clubs, bars ,homes,offices and much more. Our clients are  advertising companies, sign companies, decoration companies, Architectural construction companies   and  commercial lights worldwide. Our main products and service are :


  • Light guide panel whole panel  (For wholesaler,manufacturer,constructions)
  • Custom light panel ( back lighting  countertop, building lighting etc)
  • Illuminated premium shelves  (Acrylic shelf, led shelf,lighted shelves)  for retail display  
  • Metal signs letters, led channel letters
  • Custom led  light boxes ( indoor , outdoor, backlighting ,edge light etc )



In 2011, our amazing Led light panels products come to the market and we are heading decorative lights industry, not only the advertising field before. We welcome distributors , importers  and retailers in  lights business or decroation business, construction company, design company to contact us. If you would like further information or a quotation for S2™ ultra slim light boxes or light panels, please do not hesitate to contact us on or