To make it simple, we are not going to recommend many styles for our clients.

Here are the 2 kinds of popular cost effective aluminum frames :

AF201580              AF20152A

  • Left NO.201580 is 19mm thickness,  19mm thickness indoor light box
    LED 2835 along 2 longer sides
    4mm acrylic LGP
    Front cover : 0.8mm PET
    Back : 1 mm PVC 
  •  For example,  for size  of 100*70mm ,  over hundreds quantity price is about USD85/per  ( references only )



  •     Right No: 2015A2 is 30mm.  For 100*70mm size, the frame is more strong, no like the left shaking.
  •     Price are above USD1/per


Making light boxes is a low profit business,  nowadays we have to adotped to quantity production.  If your quantity is lower, your average cost is high because the transportation fee is much much high.


Inquiry these two light boxes, please quote the  modle number.