1 Do you have a general cost per square foot for LED-2 sides and LED-4 sides that I could use for estimating large project? 
—– We don’t have this kind of caculation way.  Not helpful. 
—– Just feel free to ask us,  we can also tell you the delivery cost.
2 What is the largest size LGP you offer?  
——  Largest size can be 3000*1500mm. But as you want the light panel to be brightest,  
——  We suggest the width limited in 600~700mm. The more Larger size has less brightness.
——  And the delivery cost for large size , say 1000*1000mm, is more than its value.
3  What led you use ?
—-   We use 2835 type flexible led strips, current the mainstream.
—– It is 19W per meter
4  How to know the power of light panel ?  
—- Depends on the size of panel.   For example,  1000*600mm size  , standard is use 2 leds strips along the longer sides.
—- Then we use 2 meter led strips, then the power is 38W.
5  How to use one power to support many panels ?
—- Standard is each panel  with 1 power. 
—- Electricity specialist is needed to help you if want to do this.
        Details to contact your specialist. Do not do it by yourself if you lack of this part of knowledge.
6  Do you have led dimmer to adjust the lights ?
—- Not for all size. 
—- Your electricity specialist can help you in the installment.  If you need equiment, you can buy from us or local.
7   Do you have UL for light panel ?
—- We have UL cert for transformer for any quantity of  led light boxes, and led light panel.
—-  Light panels have UL lable only when people requested in quantity orders, say over 50 pcs.
8  What is the advantage of 24v over 12v” I don’t really understand this.
—-  12V is the mainstream, almost all are 12V.
—- 24V, is on the condition that large size with less brightness, and we have to use it to increase brightness.
         We don’t remmend it.  Hot and not energy saving.
 9  What if we need large size panel ?
—–  As we suggested,  try to divide it into equal small size. Limited the width to 600~700mm or around.
          Limited the length to 1000mm~1500mm.  Try you best.
—– More larger,  too expensive for the transportation cost.
10  Why the large size panel is so expensive ?
—– The main cost part is about transportation.  We have to complain the courier fee is too expensive.
—– Think it about,  many clients needs 1200*1200mm size light panel, which is not really worthwhile.
  1. It is heavy and slim, hard to packing.  you have to make a huge wood box to wrap it and hard to fix it.
  2.  The package is 125*125*10cm at least, hard to make a exact wooden box.
  3.  Transportation company is not charge it according to its weight. They also charge it according to its volume. They choose the expensive one.
  4. Large size packing are often required extra size fee and has a limitation for choosing courier companies.
  5.  The transportation cost is usually exceeds its own value.
  6.  90% clients give up after knowing the cost and freight.
     If possible,  change your request to  600*600mm, that would be easier , safer, faster,  better, brighter .
11  Wire connector standard ?
—– 5.5*2.1  is usual.  Sometimes 5.5*2.5
12  What is difference with P-LGP, D-LGP, V-LGP , silkprinting ?
—— Silkprint,   out of date.  We do not use it.   Many companies are using it,  the brightness effects not last long, it gets darker after 6 month.
—–  The others are all used by laser machine.  It never fade.
  •   Dotted and grid pattern is only a pattern on the panel.  No big difference from our eyes.  Current mainstream technogloy is a micro dotted.
  •   It increases the brightness about 30% than before, therefore use this to creat PANLELIGHTS to be working as commercial lights.  
  • Our current light panel are all use this technology.  If you buy light panel, we will use this technology.
  • If you do not point specific way you need, we all use this latest technology to make light panels and light boxes.


—-  V-LGP is grid pattern, Some clients are much like these technology for personal favorits.  It is good performance for the light boxes. We are still used as requested.


—- P-LGP   this is speciall for light boxes factory or large adverstising group.     It is grid pattern on GPPS panel.   It is not as good as PMMA material, but it is good to make light boxes.

    Afterall,  people needs  advertising light boxes to be cheaper.  This is a cheaper solution, it only has 50% cost of PMMA.  Effectness looks fair.   We only wholesale the lasered panels.


13.    Inquiry 

—-  Please write to  info@slim-light-box.com  to tell us what you need,  quantity, size, specific requests or with some pictures to let us know your needs.

—–  We will tell you what we can do or cannot.  As an company in this industry over 10 years,  we won lots of clients in USA, Europe etc.